The following slideshow highlights example projects that were successfully completed with the SL systems.

Long Spool Metrology
Long spools exceed the range of a single scan position and require intermediate laser scan targets. In this example, topside structure scans augmented the subsea metrology process.
From point cloud to printed part
An abandoned well in New Zealand was scanned and then a 1:1 scale part was developed from the point cloud for use in decommissioning - SL2 on an ROV
Jumper metrology
Single scan position jumper metrology - over 200 successful metrologies to date
North sea metrology
Single scan position spool metrology - SL2 on a diver frame
Bent subsea flowline
The flowlines were scanned and then the ovality and maximum height were derived using 3D ReShaper software - SL1 ROV mounted
North sea metrology
Spool metrology where access was difficult due to a protection frame at the base of the platform - SL2 tripod mounted
Field Scan and Asset Modelling
Gulf of Mexico drill center scanned - modelled the EFL lines and structures using Leica Cyclone - SL1 on an ROV
Complex mid water spool
Collected mid water using the SL2 in FAST mode - modelled replacement flex joint
Archeological Documentation
1950's rowboat scanned at the bottom of Yellowstone Lake - SL1 diver frame