Component As-Builts

Component models derived from Subsea LiDAR point clouds

With the introduction of subsea laser scanning, the same as-built documentation processes used by topside owner operators can now be leveraged subsea.  Using the SL1 and SL2 subsea LiDAR systems, operators can derive accurate 3D models of localized components for use in their front end engineering and design work for brown field modifications.

Sl1-bracket pointCloud CADModel
 1) Scan Components  2) Create 3D Point Cloud   3) Derive 3D CAD Model

The modeling and drawing creation processes are identical to those used topside thus allowing operators to easily leverage a common set of skills and tools.  The data collection processes which are unique to the subsea environment but have been validated and proven in several successful projects.  These proven processes provide subsea operators with the ability to accurately model the current state of their assets in support of their brownfield enhancement projects.

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