Subsea LiDAR Hardware

3D at Depth offers our subsea LiDAR systems on a lease basis for short or longer term projects.  The systems have been proven on a variety of ROV’s and AUV’s.  Each system is fully redundant with spares of each component.  Non-redundant systems are also available for trials and non-critical path projects.

SL systems include:

QTY Description
2 SL1 or SL2 laser scanning with mounting plate
2 Pan Motor (Pan/Tilt motor for the SL2)
2 Laser Safety Light
2 Y cable for connecting the sensor to the light and pan/tilt motor
2 13 pin cable for connecting the sensor to a MUX, ROV or a 3D at Depth PCI bottle
1 Field Power Supply (FPS) for deck testing
2 Control computer (laptops) for data collection, QA and LAS file creation.
2 3D at Depth subsea LiDAR software suite


Optional components are available and include:

Point Cloud Processing Laptop with Leica Cyclone Modeler and Registration software
Power and Communications Interface(PCI) – An interface between the ROV 110 VAC and copper ethernet communications and the SL sensor; the PCI bottle comes with two pigtails for integration