There have been several projects where as-builts were needed to support retrofit and enhancement projects.  On one project in the Gulf of Mexico, a set of brackets needed to be reinforced and the GA drawings were not available.  The team deployed the SL1 on an ROV and scanned the brackets using a FAST Scan mode.   In other cases, the newer SL2 was used which combines the wider field of offered by an integrated pan and tilt functionality  with fast scan mode.   For more details on as-builts please click here

UHDLaunch  INScanBracket
 Mounted in the Front of a Schilling UHD Positioning the SL1
The operation required that the ROV grabs onto specific parts o the structure and holds as stable as possible during the scan  The ROV camera helps position the SL1 to the right angle and then scans using FAST scan mode.



picture Scan ACAD
Video Shot of the Bracket Low Resolution FAST Scan Resulting 3D Solid Model