Italy’s Invisible Cities – Subsea LiDAR featured on BBC Series

Last summer, 3D at Depth worked closely with a team from BBC One’s television program, “Italy’s Invisible Cities,” hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Dr. Michael Scott. The episode uncovers 2,500 years of hidden history in Naples, from its earliest Greek and Roman origins, using 3D at Depth’s LiDAR scanning technology. The show explored how the volcano of Mount Vesuvius both nurtured the region and exacted a terrible price on the local population. Also, the hosts delved into a labyrinth of fascinating underground spaces that helped build and sustain the city. The program aired on 4th January on BBC One and is available at the BBC online store.  For more information visit the BBC

Hosts Alexander Armstrong and Dr. Michael Scott travel through subsea LiDAR using VR technology.


The Team
Post project team picture
Ready for deployment
The dive
The BBC team pre -dive
Subsea Sculptures
A natural phenomenon called bradyism caused the settlement, just outside Naples, in Italy, to sink to 15ft below the sea, and divers can now enjoy tours of the stunning ruin - which includes statues and mosaic tiling.
First discovered in the 1940
Its a popular dive site today