SL2 LiDAR Laser

One Tool, Multiple Applications, One Cohesive Data Format

Our sensors are named SL for subsea LiDAR. The 3D at Depth SL sensors were designed to address the needs of the subsea construction, survey, and inspection industry in terms of range, accuracy, field of view, depth, and integration. The result is a system that integrates a unique optical design, a custom high sensitivity receiver, a sub-nanosecond pulsed high peak power solid state laser, high speed electronics, and patented processing methods to provide the accuracy and ranges required for subsea measurement tasks.

The SL1 and SL2 have an embedded MEMS motion sensor to calibrate pitch and roll and create real world reference frames.  This overcomes the inability to “level” a subsea sensor.  The system also comes with an onboard computing subsystem and 750GB internal hard drive as well as a 64GB internal solid state drive for fast performance and flexibility.

For real time data QC and data preprocessing, the system includes a computer with 3D at Depth software for collection (3D Collect), viewing (QuickView) and the creation of LAS and 3DC files (3D Cloud).  3DC is a proprietary compression format which allows operators to move data across low bandwidth networks – from vessels to on shore processing teams.

The next generation subsea LiDAR system builds on the performance of the SL1 but with a different configuration.  The SL2 includes the same internal components of the SL1, has the same performance but in two housings.  This dual housing configuration provides a small (13.4 inch – 340 mm) optical head that now supports an integrated Pan and Tilt unit. The multi axis motion increases the field of view to 90° x 360° for a tripod mounted system and  90° x 180° on an ROV.  The smaller optical head provides more mounting options including support for AUV’s and smaller vehicles.

Long Range, Controllable Beam

Ranges from 2 meters to 45 meters

Touchless, Non Contact

Little to no tooling required (task dependent)

Range Accuracy

(+/-) 4mm over full range of sensor (2m to 45m)

Depth Rating

1,500 Standard

Pan and Tilt Scanner Field of View

(+/-) 30 Degrees & 340 Rotation

SL2 Product Sheet