SL3 Subsea LiDAR Laser

One Tool, Multiple Applications, One Cohesive Data Format

Our subsea LiDAR (SL) SL3 laser system is powered by proprietary point cloud processing software with in-house patented technology and customized optical design. Each SL laser pulses at 40,000 times a second and can receive over 10 multi returns per pulse which are filtered through software. The result delivers precise, accurate, millimetric 3D point clouds with reflectivity. (Reflectivity and longer-range measurement repeatability are unique features attributed to 3D LiDAR datasets and are essential for more precise 3D modeling, analysis and visualization.) The steerable, long-range beam – up to 45 meters, places photons where you want them when you want them. Each base image is made up of 2.1 million measurements per sector to provide highly accurate 3D LiDAR point cloud data which can be measured, analyzed, and exported into any existing GIS systems, CAD-based platform, and other visualization and analysis tools.

The SL3 has an embedded MEMS inclinometer to calibrate pitch and roll and create real-world reference frames. This overcomes the inability to “level” a subsea sensor.  The system also comes with an onboard computing subsystem and 750GB internal hard drive for fast performance and flexibility.

For real-time data QC and data preprocessing, the system includes a computer with 3D at Depth software for collection (3D Collect), viewing (QuickView) and the creation of LAS and 3DC files (3D Cloud).  3DC is a proprietary compression format which allows operators to move data across low bandwidth networks – from vessels to onshore processing teams. An integrated rotational stage provides a 30-degree x 360-degree field of view while mounted on an ROV or tripod. A graphical operator interface provides real-time quick views of the results and exports to industry standard point cloud formats instantly.

With the SL3, you can significantly reduce the time for standard tasks such as spool piece metrology and other subsea construction survey tasks while dramatically improving data quality.  Fast, high accuracy 3D data collection for field surveys, as-builts, and metrologies.  Each SL system easily integrates and can be deployed on a wide range of systems: tripod, ROVs, AUVs, surface vessels and diver systems. The rugged design supports a variety of subsea workflows and environments at depths up to 3000m standard with a 4,000m rated system available upon request. 

Long Range, Controllable Beam

Ranges from 1 meter to 45 meters

Touchless, Non Contact

Little to no tooling required (task dependent)

Subsea Real Time Processing

Proprietary RIAAT Format (Range/Intensity/Angle/Angle/Time)

Improved Range Accuracy

(+/-) 2mm over full range of sensor (1m to 45m)

Depth Rating

3000m Standard (4,000m optional)

Pan and Tilt Scanner Field of View

(+/-) 45 Degrees

SL3 Product Sheet