Subsea Field Survey

High Resolution Field Surveys using Subsea LIDAR Subsea operators are rapidly adopting subsea laser scanning to support their construction, retrofit and inspection processes.  They are realizing that an accurate 3D model of existing assets can support a variety of life of field and asset integrity applications.  Some operators have also realized that a comprehensive 3D field survey of their new construction can support field warrantee activities and set the baseline for subsequent collections over time.

Subsea LiDAR Field Survey

The value of subsea Field Survey includes:

  • Mapping the accurate relative locations of structures
  • Determining the current state of assets, flow lines and mud mats
  • Mapping the current seabed topography
  • Determining the location of EFL’s and debris

The 3D field database supports:

  • ROV operations and planning
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Structural analysis; pipe bends etc.
  • Seabed changes

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