LiDAR Metrology

Using subsea LiDAR for metrology has proven to be very effective by saving significant vessel time and by providing a full 3D model of the subsea assets.   the SL1 has been used in several metrology projects where it was used t0 measure hub to hub distances in order to fabricate jumpers.  The metrologies were be collected without the need for additional tooling thus saving a significant amount of expense and reducing risk.  The workflow includes collecting redundant scans of the two structures, compressing the point clouds and then processing the data onshore.  Data collection can be completed in under 3 hours thus saving significant ROV and vessel time.  The ability to process onshore improves quality and reduces costs by eliminating the need for an onboard data processor.

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The dataset can also be used for a variety of applications including seabed mapping, as-built survey and life of field analysis.